Frequently Asked Questions

If you recently applied for a vehicle loan, a dealership may have presented your application to Ambassador Dealer Funding. We’re obligated to send you the letter as a follow up. For any additional information, please call 337-406-9285.

Contact the Dealership where you purchased your vehicle.

We at Ambassador Dealer Funding do not refinance. If you are having payment issues please contact us @ 337-406-9285 for further assistance.

The value of the vehicle at the end of the lease. When you have reached the end of your lease, you have three options to choose from. You can return the vehicle, trade in the vehicle at any dealership, or purchase the vehicle. For more details contact 337-406-9285.

No. The account will have to be paid in full in order for any changes dealing with removal of purchaser.

Call Customer Service @ 337-406-9285

Yes. Ambassador Dealer Funding may report information about an account to the credit bureau. Any defaults on an account may be reflected on your credit report.

Ambassador Dealer Funding will only discuss an account with an authorized party. In order to authorize a third party, we will need expressed verbal or written permission from the buyer or co-buyer on the account.

There may be a delay in the payment transferring within our systems. If a collection call is made, tell the representative you have already paid and the representative will handle accordingly.

Yes, there is a $2.95 fee for any transaction made with a debit card.

No, there is no extra charge for ACH recurring payments.

There will be a $25 NSF fee added to your account for any charges assessed while trying to attempt to collect your payment.

Call 337-406-9285. Please have the Insurance Company’s information, adjuster information, date of accident, and claim # when you call.

Any individual listed on check must sign endorse the back of the check then mail the check to Ambassador Dealer Funding @ P.O. Box 60637 Lafayette, LA. 70596. Once check is received a representative from the Insurance department will contact you.

Fax over a copy to 337-205-8565 or email alscustomerservice@alsdealerfunding.com

Once the payoff is posted and the account is paid in full, the authorized party will receive a call from a representative requesting information to complete the title process. The Title/Lien Release will be mailed to the person or entity that paid off the loan. The title is usually received by authorized party 2-3 weeks once all paperwork is completed.

Have your local Department of Motor Vehicles fax over a letter requesting the information that is needed to register your vehicle in that state. Fax # 337-205-8565

Depending on your state and contract terms, late fees will still be charged if applicable.

Yes, making a payment arrangement does not prevent accounts from being reported to the credit bureau.


  • Phone:(855) 252-8917 (toll free)
    (800) 930-6518
  • Fax:(337) 205-8565
  • Address:Ambassador Dealer Funding
    P.O. Box 60637
    Lafayette, LA. 70596
    United States
  • Email:customerservice@ambdealerfunding.com
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